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Spanning the Spectrum - The pursuit of Scientific Discovery spans the vast spectrum of collaborative & interdisciplinary endeavours. We at JwJ seek to create learning environments that are both collaborative and elucidating to the human experience.

The Need for New Standards

Next Generation Science

Through a collaborative, state-led process, new K-12 science standards have been developed that are rich in both content and practice, and arranged in a coherent manner across disciplines and grades to provide all students an internationally benchmarked science education. The NGSS were released in 2013 and are being implemented in states and districts across the nation.

Music-Technology & Ableton Live 10

Bringing a fun and educational introduction to digital audio workstations. Using EMF of Jupiter's magnetosphere as input in Ableton devices.

Next Generation Science Standards met through Jam with Jupiter

"The first mission to Mars did not expect to find craters and river valleys, and yet they did. The first mission to Jupiter didn't expect to find ocean worlds and volcano worlds, but they did."

-Alan Stern

Passion & Purpose - We are driven to bring creative and inspiring educational experiences to curriculum.

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